What To Do With Expired or Undrinkable Breast Milk

It may be undrinkable, but please don't dump it!

That milk probably still has a multitude of soothing and healing properties.

What constitutes undrinkable breast milk?

1) stored milk that has been frozen too long

2) milk with high lipase or oxidization that causes baby to refuse it

3) fresh milk that has passed the safe window for consumption

Here are a few ways you can use breast milk that your baby can't/won't drink:

1) Milk baths. Breast milk baths can help with dry skin, cradle cap, rashes, eczema, the itch of bug bites, or just for general skin conditioning.

2) Breast milk lotion. It's easy to make, wonderfully soothing, and can help baby's eczema, diaper rash, baby acne, sensitive skin, even cuts and scrapes.

3) Syringes. Fill 1 ml syringes to save for first aid.

4) Dilution. If baby is refusing it due to high lipase (which is not actually harmful, it just tastes and smells off), try diluting it with fresh milk to lessen the undesirable taste.

5) Breast milk soap. If you're feeling extra motivated, make breast milk soap! Recipes below