Meet Our Team

The My Pure Delivery mission is to Empower, Educate, and Support growing families. Our team is passionate about helping you and your family through pregnancy, birth, infancy and beyond. Caring for an infant is both rewarding and demanding, but with a little bit of help and a lot of love, together we can make it a smooth transition.

The Lactation Consultants 

"Caring for babies is what I do…it’s my passion…and I want to share this passion with every parent that I can reach." -Diba Tillery, RN, BSN, IBCLC

diba-headshot-circle-rev.pngDiba is a former NICU nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Car Seat Technician, and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Throughout her nursing career beginning in 1999, she has cared for infants and has assisted parents in transitioning into their new roles. Utilizing her vast experience, knowledge, skill and expertise, she founded in 2008, in 2011, and opened two My Pure Delivery locations in 2016.

Besides snuggling babies, Diba enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and watching football.

"Show love and kindness to everyone. No matter what the situation, kindness is always the best response." -Becca R., RN, BSN, IBCLC

becca-headshot-circle.pngBecca completed her BSN from the University of Arkansas in 2006, and spent most of her career in the NICU and Transition Nursery before obtaining her IBCLC certification in 2015. She was the lactation consultant for Cedar Park Regional Medical Center before starting outpatient lactation with My Pure Delivery in 2017.

Becca loves the outdoors, live music, and reading mystery and suspense novels. She co-leads the youth group at her church and loves helping kids find their story and their faith. She is inspired by her clients' perseverance and dedication to their babies. "They make me want to learn more and be the best LC I can be for them."

"Do unto others as you would have done to you.-Christen B., IBCLC, LMT

christen-headshot-circle.pngChristen grew up in North Texas. She moved around a lot in her early years, and settled in Austin in 2009. The birth of her daughter sparked her interest and passion for empowering women through the childbearing experience, and she has been on that path ever since. She is a licensed massage therapist certified in pregnancy massage and labor support, and was a breastfeeding peer counselor at WIC for 2 years before coming to My Pure Delivery to become an IBCLC.

Christen loves taking walks and appreciating nature's beauty with her daughter, crocheting baby blankets, and being involved in her church. She also volunteers with Breath of Life Ministries, which provides aid, housing and hope to pregnant, homeless women. 

"Eat Well, Travel Often." -Orieta E., IBCLC 

orieta-headshot-circle.pngOriginally from Chile, Orieta came to the U.S. in 2003. She entered the breastfeeding field in 2009, after seeking help and support for difficulties breastfeeding her first child. With the help of Lactation consultants, peer counselors, and support groups, she was successful and became inspired to help others. She started as peer counselor with the WIC program then became an IBCLC.

 "My job inspires me every day and it's also so rewarding helping mamas reach their breastfeeding goals. Having to see those cute little babies every day is not a bad deal either!" 

Orieta speaks 4 languages, has two children, has traveled the world, and has lived on 3 continents.  

"Be HAPPY!" -Bessy M., RN, IBCLC 

bessy-headshot-circle.png Bessy was born in Honduras, and became an Austinite at age 7. Her interest in the wonders of breastfeeding began when her daughter was born 7 weeks early. In the NICU, she learned how important breast milk was to premature babies, and because of it her tiny girl came home healthy and growing in just 9 days. She has now been helping others have a successful breastfeeding experience since 2009. She started as peer counselor with the WIC program before becoming an IBCLC and registered nurse.  

Bessy enjoys hiking, kayaking, and swimming with her daughter, and dancing. She is inspired by her mother, daughter and "all the strong women I've met throughout my life."   

"I admire people who persevere through life with joy, hope, and kindness." -Jenna D., RN, BSN, IBCLC

jenna-headshot-circle.pngBefore becoming a lactation consultant, Jenna's background was in critical care, case management and postpartum nursing. She became a registered nurse in 2005, and became impassioned about helping mothers meet their breastfeeding goals when she became a mother herself in 2013. "I was in awe of what my body was able to do for my baby, and through the support of several compassionate LCs, I met my goal. I'm so blessed to do that for other moms."

Jenna's favorite things to do are spending family time, listening to audiobooks, serving at her church, and as a table leader for a local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group.

"Life's a garden. You dig it, you make it work for you." -Mar y Sol M., BS, IBCLC


Mar y Sol grew up in San Marcos, TX and received a degree in Nutrition from Texas State University. She worked as a substitute teacher before deciding she really enjoyed teaching one-on-one. After working as a Nutritionist and Breastfeeding Educator at WIC for 8 years, she decided to become a lactation consultant to help mothers and infants in more depth. Her passion solidified after seeing the wonders of breast milk on a microscopic level. "Breast milk under a microscope is amazing! Helping mothers reach their goals feels awesome." 

Mar y Sol is inspired by her husband's strength and her mother's tenacity. "She took the lemons life gave her and turned it into margaritas." Mar y Sol enjoys music and concerts, kayaking, saving the planet, and being a lifelong learner. 

"Being in the moment is a work in progress, a state of mind to work at all of the time." -Debra D., IBCLC, CPM, LM, EMT

debra-headshot-circle.pngDebra spent her childhood and young adult years enjoying the monuments of Washington, DC, and the shores and mountains of Maryland. She was introduced to midwifery as an apprentice in 1977, and became the 89th licensed midwife in Arizona in 1986. Debra moved to Texas in 2005, and has participated in all aspects of the childbearing cycle, prenatal care, labor, birth, postpartum care and breastfeeding. She is president of the board of directors for an upcoming non-profit birth center, to help women of all financial backgrounds gain access to the Midwifery Model of Care. We are thrilled to have her on our team, after she recently decided to focus her skills more specifically on lactation. "I enjoy helping women...I love to interact with families as they get to know their newborn, with guidance about postpartum, newborn, and breastfeeding care."

Debra is a mother of 7, grandmother of 15, and fur mama to 2 dogs and 8 chickens! She enjoys spending time with her family, and is planning a greenhouse to grow orchids. She is inspired by unconditional love and acceptance. "My dogs are really good at this."


Administrative & Marketing

"Stay humble, work hard, be kind."  -Tia V., Billing Coordinator

tia-headshot-circle.pngTrue to her home state, Tia embodies true Texas hospitality. She is a mother of two with a background in the restaurant industry. Tia is passionate about helping people and is always ready to learn new things. "I love being a part of the My Pure Delivery team where the atmosphere is bright and engaging and everyone is passionate about what they do." 

She is inspired by her two children, entrepreneur sister and mother who serve their communities, and her supportive husband who is a wonderful father and fantastic chef. Tia enjoys spending time with her family, watching old movies, and reading while snuggling with her foxhound mix pup.  

"Real mothers aren't perfect, and perfect mothers aren't real." - Jessica K., B.A., Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Editor 

jessica-headshot-circle.pngOriginally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jessica earned her B.A. in Psychology in 1997. She and her husband sold their small business and relocated to Austin in 2007. A former My Pure Delivery lactation client and support group mama, Jessica found a passion for breastfeeding through her own unexpected struggles, and realized there is immense power in the love and support new mothers can offer each other. "I came to support group for 2 years and never wanted to leave. So I got a job here."

Jessica is inspired by the dedication and perseverance of mothers, and by looking at the world through the eyes of her vibrant little boy. She enjoys creating art, exercise, cooking, eating "ALL the food," traveling the world, and scuba diving. 

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can." -Meredith C., Administrative Assistant

meredith-headshot-circle.pngMeredith is an Austin native, and graduated from Texas State in 2009. She worked for the Department of Family and Protective Services until becoming a mom in 2012, after which she transitioned to part time work at BabyEarth, where she found a love for helping new moms and dads prepare for and transition to life as parents. She helped develop and teach classes about baby gear, cloth diapering, and sensory play. 

Meredith joined our team in 2018. "I honestly believe none of us are made to experience motherhood alone, and that we all need a village of supporters. I am so happy to be part of a team that supports new moms and their growing families as they transition to a new stage of their lives."

Meredith loves writing and yoga. When her schedule with 2 spirited little boys allows, she also enjoys crafting, crocheting, and running. She is inspired by people who lead with love, and by people who see a need and find a way to fill it, whether in the world, their community, or their own lives. 

"The light in me sees and honors the light in you. May my love and respect flow from me to you. Namaste."  -Ashten M., Administrative Assistant 

ashten-headshot-circle.pngAshten grew up in Marble Falls, TX and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2014. She worked in a bakery, and is now pursuing a Holistic Nutrition certification while working with us. Ashten found her passion for supporting moms after finding support through her own breastfeeding struggles, and realizing that many new moms are unaware of the support and education that is available. "Being a loving guide for new moms and families to live healthier, happier lives is my number one goal in life."

Ashten enjoys playing with her son, going to farmer's markets, reading, yoga, and experiencing the amazing natural environment surrounding Austin. She is inspired by her child. "He inspires me to ask questions, explore, and be a better human. I strive to be the best teacher, and student, I can be." 


We're on a mission to create a world full of healthy babies and families. Great things are not accomplished alone, so we're looking for passionate women to join our team and grow with us. If you want to empower, educate, and support others, call us! 

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