Secure Online Consults

Secure Online Consults

**Please Note** All virtual appointments are made in Central Standard Time (CST). Please calculate any time differences based on your time zone.

New Clients: Your appointment cannot begin until your registration forms are complete. Please be aware that completing them at the start of your appointment will take up some time of your allotted time.

Note: Forms are completed via a mobile app, which works best on a mobile device such as a phone, iPad or tablet. 


For Your Appointment Day

  • Have your baby ready to eat within 30 minutes of the start of your appointment. We know this is easier said than done; however, this allows the lactation consultant to evaluate a feeding to make the best plan possible for you and your baby. If needed, give your baby a snack prior to the appointment, instead of a whole feeding. Or call our office and see if we can see you sooner.
  • Please have appropriate lighting and a good location for your camera so the lactation consultant can best visually assess you and your baby.
  • Prior to your appointment, please take a closeup video of your baby crying for 15-30 seconds, so your lactation consultant can see baby’s tongue movement. If you think your baby may not latch during your appointment, please also take a video of baby latching at another feeding. Having this available will be helpful for your lactation consultant to best assess what’s going on and create the right plan of care.

  • Please have the following items gathered before your appointment start time and near the area you will be conferencing with the lactation consultant:

    • Clean diaper

    • Extra blanket

    • Nursing pillow

    • Pump and all pump parts

    • Bottle and supplemental formula or expressed breast milk (if using)

    • Any breastfeeding equipment you use such as nipple shield, SNS, etc.

    • Ruler to measure nipple – if available (for pumping)

  • Use a computer or device with a good internet connection and webcam. If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer or check out If a weight is required, here are our step-by-step instructions on How to Weigh Your Baby as well as a video.

    On your scheduled appointment date and time, please join your Lactation Consultant for a secure video call:

    • Click HERE for a consult with Becca
    • Click HERE for a consult with Courtney
    • Click HERE for a consult with Diba
    • Click HERE for a consult with Esther
    • Click HERE for a consult with Hayley
    • Click HERE for a consult with Heather
    • Click HERE for a consult with Jessica
    • Click HERE for a consult with Kelly L.
    • Click HERE for a consult with Kelly P.
    • Click HERE for a consult with Kim
    • Click HERE for a consult with Melissa
    • Click HERE for a consult with Susan
    • Click HERE for a consult with Vanessa

    If you don’t see your LC listed above, we will send you a link separately for how to log into your consult.