Relactation- Advice For Getting Your Supply Back

Wondering if there is a way to begin breastfeeding again after having stopped? We have good news! Most mothers are able to get their milk flowing again, even months after weaning from nursing or pumping.

Relactation is the process of reestablishing milk production after having stopped for a period of time. How long it will take and how successful the process will be depends on several individual factors such as 1) how long it has been, 2) how much you were producing before, and 3) your medical history. A lactation consultant (IBCLC) can help you maximize the results of your efforts. Watch our video to learn more.

Are you looking to relactate? Book a consult with one of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) today and we can make a plan tailored to you and your baby’s needs.


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