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Set yourself up for breastfeeding success! While not everyone will experience problems, mothers who prepare ahead tend to have smoother, easier breastfeeding journeys. Your prenatal consult is tailored to your specific needs and will include individualized breastfeeding education, a breast exam, demonstration of key techniques in the first few days, referrals to other health care providers who may need to be part of your breastfeeding team, how to establish your milk supply, common hospital procedures and experiences that lead to unplanned supplementation… and more! Also considering taking one of our prenatal classes!

prenatal lactation consult is recommended for all pregnant people, especially those with history of:
  • any breast/nipple surgery
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • insulin dependent diabetes
  • PCOS and infertility
  • pregnancy with twins or more
  • significant difficulty breastfeeding in the past

Breastfeeding should not hurt! Powering through the pain or enduring nipple damage often becomes a much bigger issue if ignored or treated incorrectly. It may be as simple as learning proper positioning and latching technique, or more complex issues like tension or strength imbalances, coordination or oral restriction like a lip or tongue tie. Even if your baby’s latch seems perfect, if it hurts, something is wrong and getting the right help is a game changer! We can help you heal faster, discover the root cause of the issue, work on how to correct your baby’s latch, and prevent further issues such as clogged milk ducts, loss of supply, infections like thrush or mastitis, and more. 

  • Teething
  • Starting Solids
  • Distraction
  • Bottle Feeding
  • Nursing Strikes
  • Sleep Issues

Getting through the difficult newborn stage doesn’t always mean that breastfeeding will be smooth sailing. As your baby grows and develops, new breastfeeding struggles can appear. We are here to help you through these challenging times so that you can maintain this beautiful, beneficial relationship for as long as you desire.

Some babies have feeding difficulties due to oral restrictions (tongue tie, lip tie, buccal tie, etc.). Our IBCLCs are trained and experienced in working with infants who have oral restrictions. We perform an oral exam on your baby in every postpartum consultation to assess tongue movement and function as it relates to breastfeeding, as well as evaluate suck strength and efficiency. Not all oral restrictions require a revision procedure. However, if we notice that your baby has a restriction that affects their ability to feed effectively, we will recommend an evaluation by a pediatric dentist or ENT for a frenotomy/frenectomy procedure and follow up care with your lactation consultant.

Some signs and symptoms of possible oral restrictions include:

  • Difficulty latching
  • Clicking, coughing, choking, gulping, or dribbling milk out of the mouth while feeding
  • Colic, gas or reflux symptoms
  • High, narrow, or bubble palate
  • Mouth breathing or constant nasal congestion
  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Long feeding times
  • Inability to use a bottle or pacifier
Signs in the mother:
  • Latch pain
  • Cracked, creased, misshapen or bleeding nipples
  • Low milk supply
  • Recurrent clogged ducts/mastitis
  • Incomplete breast drainage with feedings

IBCLCs can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of recurrent infections. While your physician can write a prescription for an antibiotic or antifungal remedy for mastitis or thrush, without uncovering and addressing the underlying issue, it’s likely to come back. Your lactation consultant will spend the time needed to determine the root cause of why this happened, and work with you to resolve it. At My Pure Delivery, we also collaborate with your medical team, working together to keep you healthy during your lactating period.

Breastfeeding is more than just nursing. We can help you bottle feed as well!

Our IBCLCs can help you:

  • choose the right pump to meet your needs
  • adjust your pump settings to maximize its efficiency and properly stimulate your milk production
  • ensure that you have the correct size flanges
  • guide you on when and how to start pumping
  • introduce the bottle
  • show you paced feeding techniques to prevent bottle flow preference
  • get your baby to feed effectively from both the bottle and breast
  • how to properly store and handle your milk
  • establish a pumping routine that will work in your life

…and more!

Milk supply is one of the most common reasons families seek help from a lactation consultant. There are many individual factors that contribute to milk production, and many reasons you may not be producing the ideal amount for your baby. We will work with you to discover the root cause of your issues, and set up a customized, practical plan to move you toward your personal goals.

Did you know that you can get your milk supply back even after you’ve weaned? This is called relactation.

It is also possible to produce milk without giving birth. This is called inducing lactation, and is an option many adoptive, surrogate, and same-sex families consider.

Our IBCLCs can create an individualized plan based on your unique circumstances, and help guide and provide support for your relactation or induced lactation journey.

Breastfeeding Basics

Join our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for an informative and interactive class on all things breastfeeding. Learn everything you need to know from the advantages of breastfeeding, to proper positioning and techniques! Covered by most insurance.

Newborn Basics

This class is taught by a Registered Nurse and teaches expectant parents who have little or no experience with babies about the basics of newborn care. This is a very interactive class so be prepared to swaddle, burp, and diaper some baby dolls! Covered by most insurance.

Infant CPR & Safety

Our Infant CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) & Safety Class is taught by a Registered Nurse and teaches preventative and life-saving information to parents and caregivers of infants up to 1 year of age. In addition to learning lifesaving techniques, parents will receive recommendations on how to make their home and vehicle a safer place for their infant.

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Many mothers worry about making the transition back to work. Meeting with an IBCLC to formulate an individualized plan for making a smooth transition will help you maintain your desired breastfeeding relationship. With a little planning and preparation, you can continue to provide your baby with your breast milk- even while you are apart.

Yes, we can also help you not breastfeed. We are here to improve the health and well-being of mothers and babies, and if breastfeeding isn’t your thing, or if you’re ready to be done, we are happy to help you suppress your supply safely, so you don’t experience painful engorgement or end up with mastitis.

Don’t see your reason listed above? Don’t worry! This list is not exhaustive. Whatever you’re dealing with, our highly trained, experienced, compassionate team is here to help you through it.
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