8 Reasons To See A Lactation Consultant

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are specially trained professionals dedicated to helping families achieve the breastfeeding relationship they desire. At My Pure Delivery, your goals become our goals, and we want to help you find the path that works best in your life. The transition into motherhood is about more than just nursing your baby; the breastfeeding experience needs to be healthy for you and the rest of your family, as well.

Since producing breast milk is a natural process, many new parents assume that breastfeeding will be intuitive and easy. In reality, lactation is a complex bodily function that requires several processes to line up correctly to be successful. Your body and your baby need to be in sync, and this does not always happen effortlessly. We like to use this analogy: Breastfeeding is like learning a dance. You will fumble at first, step on each other’s toes, feel like

you will never get it right, and then- you find your groove. Maybe your dance looks different from someone else’s, but that’s the beauty. Everyone implements the moves in their own way.

8 Reasons To See A Lactation Consultant

1) Prenatal Support


Taking steps to prepare yourself for the realities of breastfeeding can lead to a much smoother experience. Learning about breastfeeding, and going over your personal situation and medical history with a lactation consultant before your baby is born can help to identify potential risk factors for difficulties. 

2) Newborn & Young Infant Feeding Issues 

Common newborn feeding issues include:

    • Oral Restrictions (tongue/lip ties)
    • Bottle Refusal
    • Latch Pain/Damage
    • Supply
    • Gas/Colic

Addressing these issues early on can be a game changer. Problems in the early weeks often become much bigger issues if ignored or treated incorrectly. You and your baby are unique, and general advice from well-meaning friends or the internet may not be right for your individual situation. Getting the right help, early on, will save you pain and energy in the long run!

3) Going Back To Work

Many mothers worry about making the transition back to work. Meeting with an IBCLC to formulate an individualized plan for making a smooth transition will help you maintain your desired breastfeeding relationship. With a little planning and preparation, you can continue to provide your baby with your breast milk- even while you are apart.

4) Pumping

Do you want to learn how to use your breast pump efficiently to maximize your milk production? Make sure you’re using properly sized breast flange? Fact: flanges are not one-size-fits-all! Using an incorrect size can result in pain and reduced output. In a pump consult, you will learn:

  ✔How to use your pump correctly

  ✔Maximizing your pumping efforts

  ✔ The correct flange size for your body

5) Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, or Thrush

IBCLCs can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of recurrent infections. Sure, your physician can write a prescription for an antibiotic or antifungal remedy for mastitis or thrush, but without uncovering and addressing the underlying issue, it’s likely to come back. Your lactation consultant can spend the time needed to determine the root cause of why this happened, and work with you to resolve it. At My Pure Delivery, we also collaborate with your medical provider, working together to keep you healthy while protecting your milk supply.

6) Older Baby Issues 

    • Teething
    • Starting Solids
    • Distraction
    • Bottle Feeding
    • Nursing Strikes
    • Sleep Issues

You may think that once you’re past the difficult newborn stage, breastfeeding will be smooth sailing. Hopefully that is true for you. However, as your baby grows and develops, new breastfeeding struggles can appear. We can help you through these challenging times so that you can maintain this beautiful, beneficial relationship for as long as you desire.

7) Milk Suppression/Weaning

Yes, we can also help you not breastfeed. We are here to improve the health and well-being of mothers and babies, and if breastfeeding isn’t your thing, or if you’re ready to be done, we are happy to help you suppress your supply safely, so you don’t experience painful engorgement or end up with mastitis.

8) Relactation/Inducing Lactation

Did you know that it is possible to produce milk without giving birth? This is an option many adoptive, surrogate, and same-sex families take. It is also possible to induce lactation to get your supply back after you’ve weaned. An IBCLC can create an individualized plan based on your unique circumstances, and help guide and provide support for your relactation or induced lactation journey.

Don’t see your reason listed above? Don’t worry! This list is not exhaustive. Whatever you’re dealing with, our highly trained, experienced, compassionate staff is here to help you through it.