Why See A Lactation Specialist For Breastfeeding Difficulty

I don't know about you, but during pregnancy I didn't give breastfeeding a second thought. Of course I would do this natural thing my body was made for. It would be all rainbows and sunshine.

And then reality hit. It was hard. I was sore. My baby wasn't getting enough. The pediatrician said I HAD to give him some formula, but offered no advice on how to protect the milk supply I DID have or how to resolve my issues. I can't blame her, pediatricians are not breastfeeding specialists. And even if you find one with some formal training in lactation, it's not reasonable to expect a full breastfeeding assessment in a 15 minute well check.

But...pediatricians do need to ensure babies gain weight and meet milestones, and formula is perfectly capable of accomplishing that. This is a failure in the system, and one that is exploited by formula marketing. Because we all know "fed is best," right? Well yes, of course. Fed is required.

Don't get me wrong...formula can be a life saver, but for mothers who want to breastfeed, introducing it without the proper support can be the beginning of the end. And I, for one, was not okay with that.

This is where a breastfeeding specialist (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, or IBCLC) comes in. Mothers who WANT to breastfeed should be supported and educated on how to get there, or shown how to work out a viable combo solution...NOT dismissed and told it's okay to just give it up altogether because fed is best. We all know we need to feed our babies.

A properly trained lactation consultant can:

✔help you utilize formula while still working toward your breastfeeding goals

✔spend the time necessary to assess where the problems lie and help resolve them

✔formulate a plan for how best to move forward

✔share her recommendations with your physicians so everyone is on the same page

We know struggling with breastfeeding is as emotional as it is physical. Compassionate, judgment free help is just a call or click away!

We accept most insurance, and there is no out of pocket cost through our in network providers. 512-765-9959 or click HERE for the breastfeeding help you deserve.

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