Nursing Pajamas  


My Pure Delivery has created a variety of Maternity and Nursing Wear essentials that will make your pregnancy and post-pregnancy time more enjoyable.


Our Belly Bands enable you to keep wearing your favorite jeans for as long as possible and our lounge sets keep you relaxed and fashionable even when you’re feeling exhausted. My Pure Delivery will help you feel more confident and comfortable as your body changes for the baby.








maternity wear lineWhether your expecting or breastfeeding, you'll love our new line of maternity/ nursing wear! Here's why...

  • Stay in your prepregnancy jeans longer and return to your prepregnancy pants sooner with our new Belly Bands (comes in black, white or creme brule). They provide a layered look with extra length to cover up unbuttoned jeans, hide elastic waistbands, and cover any gaps between your tops & bottoms. 
  • Relax, run errands, or discretely breastfeed in your new stylish and incredibly comfy lounge sets.
  • Mix and match the bottoms of the lounge set with a maternity/ nursing t-shirt for a stylish new look. Your before & after Maternity/Nursing T-Shirt will flatter your baby bump during your pregnancy and allow for discrete breastfeeding after your baby arrives. 
  • Is it date night? This Maternity/ Nursing Nightdress is your new and improved "Little Black Dress". 
  • Our fashionable, comfortable and convenient maternity gowns allow for easy breastfeeding and easy access for IVs, blood pressure cuffs, epidurals, and monitoring. Say goodbye to itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gowns that have been worn over and over again!
  • Sleep easy during pregnancy and after baby arrives in this soft nightgown. Add a matching newborn romper & hat to give that extra touch of adorableness!