Mama Wellness Webinar Series

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mama-wellness-series-1-.pngNow available for download! In April of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic shelter in place orders, we held three webinars with experts in their fields to offer tips and tricks, helpful approaches, and answers to questions on wellness topics for moms. 


Relationships In Times Of Crisis

No doubt the COVID-19 crisis is rocking your world in many ways. While all couples experience challenges in their relationships, the stress of being cooped up with your partner with no outlet can cause hairline relationship fractures to become large rifts. We have invited Angela Hayes, MS, LMFT-Associate, Master Certified Life Coach from Life Coach Round Rock, and Holly Dennis, MA, LPC. Holly worked in private practice for 5 years, and currently uses her education and skills as the pastor's wife at North Village Church. Our guests will offer some of their expertise and give attendees some techniques for navigating your relationships and keeping them healthy during this difficult time.

Nutrition & Exercise for Mental Wellness

The current state of things has many of us feeling anxious, depressed, angry, and lonely. Because physical wellness is an important component of mental wellness, and it's important to find an approach that is EASY to implement, meets you where you are, and speaks to your tendencies. Join Diba and our panel of fitness and nutrition experts (who are also moms, of course) as they discuss ways to make eating well and moving your body a less daunting task. Our special guests will include a nutritionist, and fitness professionals from BirthFit (prenatal & postpartum fitness), Yoga, CrossFit, and Camp Gladiator. 

Postpartum Mental Health During Crisis with Lynsey Lomeli, LCSW-S, CDWF from Roots And Wings Counseling Studio.

The current COVID-19 crisis has had everyone in a heightened state and can perpetuate feelings of anxiousness, depression, anger, and solitude. Our expert guest Lynsey will give our viewers tips on coping mechanisms, how to check in with yourself, and knowing when you need to get help. 

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