Lets Talk Baby!

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We know new moms need as much up-to-date, trustworthy information as they can get. Our owner and CEO Diba Tillery, RN, IBCLC, shares her expertise and wealth of knowledge as we chat about various baby topics. We discuss topics brought up by the moms in our Breastfeeding Support Group, field your questions, and we'll also periodically feature guests from our wonderful community of birth professionals. Our mission is to empower, educate, and support you and your growing family.

We also give away a prize to one lucky viewer each week, so say hello and bring your questions! 

Links to our past videos are posted below for your reference as well. 


4/11/19: Green Cleaning Tips to Save You $$$


-Vinegar, Baking Soda, & Lemon- effectiveness, limitations, appropriate use

-Color coded reusable cloths instead of paper towels

-Steam Mopping

-Natural Air Freshener

-using wool dryer balls

4/4/19: Postpartum Exercise 


-When and how to begin

-Myths about reducing milk supply

-Nutrition and hydration

-Breast comfort during exercise

-Local programs and sample exercises

3/28/19: Support Group Recap & Tips for Gas Relief


-better nursing efficiency as baby gets older

-using a pacifier

-FREE stuff for moms to do with babies in the Leander/Cedar Park, TX areas

-Gas relief- non-pharmacological methods

-Belly Massage for gas relief

3/21/19: Babywearing with Lori Post


-benefits of babywearing

-When should you start?

  • -What carrier is best?

  • -Babywearing safety info

-Babywearing resources

3/7/19: Car Seat Safety- Tips & Demo


-Common mistakes and misuse

-Stats and Recommendations

-Heatstroke and good samaritan law


-Legality of breaking window 


2/28/19: Time Change & Support Group Recap 

2-28-19.png-Daylight saving time

-Breast appearance after breastfeeding

-Weaning is bittersweet

-Bottle refusal

-Drop in supply during menstrual cycle

2/21/19: Milk Sharing

2-21-19.png-Donating to a Milk Bank-the process

-Informal/mom-to-mom sharing

-purchasing breastmilk over the internet



 2/14/19: Support Group Recap


-Overactive letdown

-Breastfeeding a sick baby

-Night weaning / sleep training

-Feeding solids & breastfeeding


2/7/19: Introduction and Q&A


-Why support group is so beneficial

-How the internet makes moms feel inadequate 

-When and how to introduce a bottle