Online Lactation Consultation

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Breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally and can be very challenging in the early weeks. A lactation consultant can help you overcome these struggles and guide you on the road to reaching your breastfeeding goals. Online video consultations are available for families who do not live in the Austin area or for those whose schedule doesn't allow an in-person visit during regular hours.


Once you order your Video Consult, an email will be sent containing forms to be completed and returned prior to the appointment, in order to optimize your time with your lactation consultant. A member of our team will call you to schedule your consult time. 

 Our experienced Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will:

  • Review mother and baby health history including birth and breastfeeding experience to date
  • Evaluate baby’s feeding
  • Provide a personalized written care plan (sent via email)

 A follow-up consult will be scheduled to evaluate progress.

Video Consultations are done through a HIPAA (US privacy law) compliant online platform. Instructions on how to access will be included in your email.


Preparing For Your Breastfeeding Consultation

    • Please complete your chart and sign Consent for Care, Financial Agreement consent (for insurance billing), and Telemedicine Consent for Care

    • Please have the following items gathered before your appointment start time and near the area you will be conferencing with the lactation consultant. We may not need to use all of the equipment below; however, this will spare valuable time if items are available before the start of the consult:

      • Clean diaper

      • Extra blankets

      • Nursing pillow

      • Pump pieces

      • Pump

      • Bottle and if using supplemental formula or expressed breast milk

      • Any breastfeeding equipment that you are currently using such as nipple shield, supplemental nursing system, etc.

      • Ruler to measure nipple - if available (for pumping)

    **For infant weight issues an infant scale is recommended. We have limited availability of scales and can rent scales as needed for specific consults. If you have a scale available, we will ask for a naked weight as well as pre-feeding weight (infant in diaper only or dressed). Please have this information before the start of the appointment. Here is our step-by-step instructions on How to Weigh Your Baby as well as a video:**

    • Please have appropriate lighting and a good location for your camera so the lactation consultant can best visually assess you and your baby.

    • As noted in the Telemedicine Consent for Care, there are limitations to telemedicine including but not limited to the lactation consultant’s ability to assess latch, anatomy, infant behavior, and infant weight.

    • Use a computer or device with a good internet connection and webcam. If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer or check out the Doxy.me

    This platform is very easy to use. If you have questions, here is a brief video on how to enter room:



***The Affordable Care Act of 2012 requires coverage of lactation consulting as a “Women’s Preventive Service.” Many health insurance companies reimburse for private lactation consultations. Please contact your insurance provider for specifics on your insurance coverage. My Pure Delivery provides reimbursement forms to submit to your health insurance provider.***